O'rnel; The Old World

The largest of the continents, slightly off center to the northeast. It stretches as far north as to connect to the frozen sea in winter, and so far south some tips cross to the souther hemisphere. A wide variety of people and creatures live here, and most of the races of Archalon call O’rnel their home.

The Drypeak mountains, named for the fact they receive little snow, stretch from central O’rnel near the Partrali desert to the northwest, stopping not far from the ocean. Roughly a thousand years ago Dwarves began exploring these mountains and discovered the Gnomes who lived deep underground. They have only surfaced in the last few hundred years. Among the peaks and Plateaus the Goliaths have built camps, though they are extremely few in number.

The Partrali Desert, a massive desert in north-central O’rnel. Long ago this area was a plain but over time the ground dried and left wastes. The Elves ancestral homeland, it was abandoned by most of the elves after it became clear what was happening. Some elves, roughly 1/4th, refused to leave their home and have adapted over the last few thousand years to life in the desert.

The Elven Plains, known to the elves as Rathloria, are large, flat grasslands which the elves left to as Partrali was scorched. Upon entering these plains the Elves met several other races, The Halflings, who also live in the plains, and later the Dwarves as they were moving between their mountain holds.

Godscrest Mountains. the largest mountain range on all of Archalon. The home of the dwarves that they rarely left until meeting the elves. From the southwest edge of the elven plains then snaking south and east for nearly 5000 km. Many think of the mountains as a bowl holding in the fertile elven plains.

The Kingdom of Iverel, named after its first king who united warring tribes against the largest orc invasion to date, has been the Human dominion for the last 1300 years. King Christoff III is the current ruler, with his land divided into 14 duchy’s which are then further divided into countless counties and lesser noble held lands. The human kingdom is relatively cohesive, but mixed in their lands are tribes that choose to follow old rulers or traditions. The kingdom usually does not act against them until the want something of their land. The kingdoms biggest threat are the nearly annual invasions of their barbaric cousins, the Orcs, from the north. The northernmost reaches are ice and stone with a large taiga stretching through over half of the human land. The southern and easternmost sections are warmed enough to be temperate zones.

The Wickerwood, south of the Godscrest mountains. These woods cover a large area of south central O’rnel. It is extremely dense in most places with only occasional thinning, and it is known for its dense undergrowth.

The Capes of O’rnel describes the areas south of the Godscrest mountains but far enough from the Wickerwood to be easily traveled. These lands were first scouted by elves then fully settled by humans. Borders are not defined and politics are as metropolitan as can be. Cities are mostly rested on ports and use their access to exotic foods and materials to fuel their ever growing wealth.

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O'rnel; The Old World

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