Archalon; The World

Circumference: 26850 km, Roughly 2/3rds earth size
Land/Water ratio: 50/50
Climate: Earth-like but with a larger portion of the planet covered in ice. Has seasons in the same way as earth.

Archalon features 3 major continents. O’rnel([[O’rnel; The Old World | O’rnel; The Old World]]), a large pangaea like continent roughly the size of Eurasia before Africa split off, is home to the “old races.” Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Gnomes, and Humans all consider this their ancestral home. Goliaths also call this land home. To the north of O’rnel lies The Frost, analogous to our arctic. During the winter ice bridges form between The Frost and O’rnel allowing some crossover. The Orcs come from The Frost and trace their heritage back to humans who settled the land long ago. Finally Corobin, called the West World by many, is a long snake like continent to the west of O’rnel. The races of O’rnel just came into contact with this continent 82 years ago, previous attempts had been thwarted by the extremely rough seas until Telemor, the great elven admiral, found a slip stream through the ocean.

Old Races1: Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Gnomes, Goliaths, more?
New Races: Orcs, Minotaurs, Wilden, Dragonborn, Kobolds more?

O’rnel politics: All of the races are, in general, on good terms. Money and Trade is king. The plains Elves and Dwarves have had a centuries-long trading pact which also functions as an alliance, as neither economy could bear the burden of the trade being broken. Halflings love culture above all else and often trade in poetry, song, or dance in place of physical goods. Apart from occasional run ins with barbarians the halflings have no need for war as their position among the Elves and Dwarves offers protection. The humans, who live to the north, inhabit mostly deciduous forests and taiga but own some more temperate lands to the south and east. Humans have a system of nobility with King Christoff III as their current ruler. The rest of the land is divided among dukes and below them counts. Some parts of the human territory protest this rule, either passively or with force, especially along the northern border. In the winter their lands are connected to The Frost by large bridges of ice, exposing them to the Orcs. Orcs are mostly human with some adaptations to living in the cold. They are the same height but thicker and covered in coarse hair somewhere between a human and a gorilla. Their teeth are sharp and their jaws stick out slightly, necessary adaptations as they are nearly 100% carnivorous. Goliaths and Gnomes both live in the Drypeak mountains, Gnomes live in deep tunnels and Goliaths on peaks and plateaus. Both races were not known until recently. The Elves are divided in to two groups, forest elves and desert elves. There are few physical differences other than the darker skin and hair. Culturally the desert elves are more nomadic, moving as some of their oasis’ are drained. They also have less dwarven and halfling influence, sticking closer to traditional elven themes.

Archalon; The World

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